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PC Builds

High End Builds:
All high end  PC builds  are full towers and come air cooled at less stated to be  water cooled.  Part are ordered once a order has been processed. System  are fully  testing b4 shipping out. Also will come with a clean image of  the  system. These system come with out any extra 3rd party software.  System  will be running Windows 7 x86 or x64 (by request of bit  version). We can  not make any XP system b/c of MS will not sell anymore  XP OEM disk  anymore. If you have one you can use yours. If there is  missing  information or any other information we think will be needed  for your  build, you will be contacted by phone or email once the order  is  received.

Low End Builds:

We  do NOT build low-end system anymore. As the price is to high to the  customer and your better off getting a cheap system online from like  Dell or HP.         

Extra Info:
Please  state in your  order what you will be using the system for and your  budget limit. We  will do are best to get a system made for you with-in  your limit and to  meat your requirements. Please also state the brand  of parts you would  like used. Once we are ready to create your system.  You will receive an  email with total price and at this time you have to  pay for the system  in full.
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