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The forums are being re-coded from scratched with new security and general rebuild. The forums should be fully back up with in a week or so. Also, we are trashing the data base, so everyone that still want to be a member needs to re-register.

Hope every one has a great day



As you may know ending up in ICU last month so we have been closed. I still have to get an other surgery on the 8th but we should be back open to normal working hrs after the 17th of Jan. For now we are taking messages and trying to setup work dates for the soonest I can get back to fixing everyone's systems and getting builds/upgrades going again. If you have a problem call and leave a message my wife will get back to you all and setup a time to work on your system and get as much info on the problem as she can.

Thanks everyone who has helped and for your understanding in this matter. Hope it was a good holiday for every one else.

PS: The new office number is in the contacts section of the site.